International Symposium "Amazigh Heritage in the Iberian Peninsula".

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This International Symposium, organized by the Institute of Medieval Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the NOVA University of Lisbon in collaboration with the International Chair of Amazigh Culture, will be held this year on the 22 and 23 September, 2016, at Lisbon (Portugal).

Este encuentro científico, que se celebra en el Instituto de Estudos Medievais de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas (FCSH) (link is external) de la Universidad Nova de Lisboa (link is external) el 22 y 23 de septiembre, tiene como objetivo promover la difusión, investigación, reflexión interdisciplinar y la discusión sobre el legado cultural medieval de los beréberes en la Península Ibérica. Tal como en otros encuentros organizados por ambas instituciones, se pretende efectuar un abordaje interdisciplinar, usando diferentes metodologías de estudio y análisis.

This scientific meeting, which will be held on the 22 and 23 of September, 2016, at the Institute of Medieval Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the NOVA University of Lisbon, aims mainly at promoting interdisciplinary diffusion, research and reflection upon the medieval cultural legacy of Berbers in the Iberian Peninsula. As in other meetings organized by both institutions, the event aims to deal with the issue in an interdisciplinary way, using different methodologies of study and analysis.

The main areas that will be tackled during the Symposium include: history, archeology, literature, history of art, architecture, geography and Arabic philology.

In this first edition, the main themes chosen to be tackled include the following:

1. History of al-Andalus and the Mediterranean zone from the Amazigh point of view

2. The Amazigh (Berber) medieval artistic heritage in the Iberian Peninsula

3. Amazigh literature and genealogy in al-Andalus

4. Amazigh cultural legacy in al-Garb (West) of al-Andalus

Languages of the Symposium are: French and Portuguese, although papers in Spanish and English could be accepted for their presentation.

Scientific Commission:
  • Dr. Leila Mezian (Leila Mezian Foundation, Casablanca)
  • Dr. Inmaculada Marrero Rocha (University of Granada - Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies)
  • Dr. Amelia Aguiar Andrade (IEM-FCSH/UNL)
  • Dr. Jean Passini (EHESS-CNRS)
  • Dr. Rafael Lopez Guzman (University of Granada)
  • Dr. Pierre Guichard  (Universidad de Lyon)
Schedule: ​Download the schedule here Organising Commission:
  • Dolores Villalba Sola (IEM-FCSH, Universidad Nova de Lisboa) y
  • Hassan Laaguir (Fundación Euroárabe, Granada)


  • Francisco Díaz Marcilla (IEM-FCSH, University Nova de Lisboa)